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Zolina Hair Salon is a holistic hair salon based in Los Angeles with an emphasis on the holistic healing in Balinese care and touch.

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Zolina Hair Salon is a holistic hair salon based in Los Angeles with an emphasis on the holistic healing in Balinese care and touch. Zolina hair is hair mindfully salon, not just a place where clients can get their hair cut. It is a health oasis for your hair!!

Our team of experts are intuitive and offer mindful advice so you can maintain the integrity and health of your hair.⁣ We know that what we do is ‘more than just hair’. We believe that beauty truly comes from the inside out and that is what we strive to uncover. Everyone of us has the power to create change in our lives and your hair can be the starting point.

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Abi W. Art Director

I made the mistake of trying to lighten my own hair and then realized I had made the worst mistake in my hair history ever. I stayed up all night looking for somebody who would be experienced enough to fix my hair and thanking the stars, I found Leah! She's out of Santa Monica and completely turned my hair into exactly what I wanted. I came to her with so much brass and almost fluorescent yellow and she turned it into beautiful manageable platinum blonde. Not to mention the amazing aveeno products that left my hair so much healthier and smelling so fabulous. Leah is an exceptional hairstylist and is a wonderful caring kind and compassionate person. Thank u so much Leah for rescuing my hair and I will see you again in four weeks.

Natalie N. Hair Stylist

Leah is the greatest! So convenient to schedule an appointment, great cute salon and location. I got full balayage and it only took 3 hours. Awesome stylist with the yummiest smelling products too. She really cares about the health of your hair!! Will definitely return. Happy to have found her 🙂 Great convos and great results!

Emely P. Beautician

I'm in Santa Monica with no means to get back to my hairdresser in Las Vegas, so I turned to Yelp. I found Leah and set my expectations fairly low, but I was in for a surprise. Not only did Leah repair my faded and dry hair, she nailed the color I've always wanted! I've tried to get close to this color before, but I was told it was Photoshop by another hairdresser... then I end up a darker red than I want to be. Leah gave no excuses; she simply just did it! I'm incredibly happy with the color and so is my man. 🙂

Claudia P. Beautician

She give the cutest haircut ever! First she wash my hair and cut the back for 1 inch and long layered on the front side. Dry my hair and finishing it up with this very interesting technique of layering back of my hair. She doing it very carefully and slowly to give my hair very nice texture. And the way she blowdry my hair makes my hair so smooth for couple of days until i wash my hair. Very satisfied, very happy with the results! Leah very warm and friendly, she makes you feel at home with personal hair stylist. Definitely will come back! Thank you Leah

Antonia F. Beautician

Thank you Leah for a beautiful job on my hair. Thank you for all your hard work, kind, mellow energy and personality, and of course for your talent and skill at hair. You are an artist. I would recommend Leah to anyone who values good hair styling, good products, and a good price. She is very kind and is very knowledgeable about what looks good and how to do hair. I trust her to do what she thinks looks the best, she really values the opinions of her clients and is very friendly and puts a lot of effort into her styling! Love

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Zolina Hair Featured Services

We adopt a holistic approach to all hair and scalp conditions, treating underlying causes as well as the immediate appearance and feel of your hair. Your initial consultation will include a thorough examination of your hair and scalp, along with a detailed investigation of your general health, family history, nutrition, lifestyle, medication, and other relevant factors.

Zolina's Pricing

Zolina Hair Salon Pricing


Ladies Haircut

(60 mins)


Roots Touch Up

(60 mins)


Botanicle Hair Treatment

(20 mins)


Package Haircut Short

(1 hr 20 mins)


Package Color Short to Medium Lenght

(3 hrs 25 mins)


Extension ITIP Installation

(45 mins)


Extension Weft Instalation

(60 mins)



(50 mins)


Kids Haircut and Scalp Treatment

(1 hr 20 mins)


Teenager Haircut

(45 mins)


Fashion Color

(4 hrs)


Natural Curl Hairstyle

(60 mins)


Daytime Make Up

(60 mins)


Botanical Treatment Packages

Includes 10 $50 each. 2 1/2 month period once a week.
(30 mins)



(10 mins)

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Leah Idelson

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The Art Of Holistic Beauty

Our real beauty comes out by nurturing what is inside, and it shows in our mood, vitality, and glow.