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Zolina Hair Salon

Zolina Hair Salon is a holistic hair salon based in Los Angeles with an emphasis on the holistic healing in Balinese care and touch. Zolina hair is hair mindfully salon, not just a place where clients can get their hair cut. It is a health oasis for your hair!!

Our team of experts are intuitive and offer mindful advice so you can maintain the integrity and health of your hair.⁣ We know that what we do is ‘more than just hair’. We believe that beauty truly comes from the inside out and that is what we strive to uncover. Everyone of us has the power to create change in our lives and your hair can be the starting point.

We are a holistic Aveda Salon. We have made a conscious decision to choose the products we use and sell carefully. We actively continue to source products that are free of sulfates, parabens, palm oil and harmful agents that will distroy your hair and health. We opt for those that are highly composed of plant-based, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients. Mindfulness along with the well being of our clients is the principal focus at our salon! Our main goal is to help clients fulfill their needs and help your hair get healthier while still looking fabulous. We are here to help to promote self- confidence, self expression, and balance. At our Salon we make it our mission to help you radiate your beauty within.

After one visit with us, you will feel more beautiful and confident because we always have been passionate about making our clients look and feel their best. We have the pleasure of working with many high-end product lines.

We are confident and comfortable working with Aveda; our Goal is to please every client beyond their high expectations. So give us a chance to make you beautiful!

Whatever you do, whoever you are, however you identify, we welcome you!

The Art Of Holistic Beauty

Our real beauty comes out by nurturing what is inside, and it shows in our mood, vitality, and glow.